Everyone deserves to have their life remembered, honored, and celebrated with those who loved them

Now more than ever, live streaming services are needed to let everyone pay their respects

If they cannot make it to the service, then bring the service to them


  • High-speed internet service
  • Rapid set up and take down for movement to multiple locations


  • Multiple camera angles and professional gear for high definition video broadcast
  • Microphones attached to key speakers for enhanced audio quality indoors and outdoors


1-hour livestream for $600
Additional time @$75 per half hour


  • Customized banner on a private channel
  • Tribute slideshow during wait times
  • Keepsake video of full ceremony


As a valued business partner, we offer a finder’s fee if your clients use our services. In addition, we can promote your organization by displaying your logo/name at the beginning and end of the livestream.